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Enthusiastic endorsement from Bristol wine merchant Corks of Cotham

From the News section of the Corks of Cotham website (Feb 2016):

20160219_181021The Wines of Franconia, new additions.

Tracing its origins to the first Francs, the ancestors of modern day French, this little wine region, perfectly surrounded by the great forests of Germany, has been making good wine for several centuries. Although it has somewhat kept to it’s original, middle-ages shaped bottle called Bocksbeutels, it has done so out of need for protection of what was once a great wine culture in the heart of working man’s German land. The grape varieties adapted here are crosses of the noble Riesling and the wild vines that might have grown on the land itself. We are currently stocking 3 different wines from this re-emerging region, Erhard Mack’s Silvaner, in traditional bordelaise bottle, showing lovely notes of pear and melon in a dry, crisp and refreshing style; Erhard Scheurebe spatlese , a perfumed , fresh style with pink grapefruit and leafy green fruit aromas that just feels exotic and enticing ; last but not least there is Erhard Muller Thurgau , a brilliant fresh white that shows crisp aromas of apple, lemons and lush, ripe stone fruits. It’s slight vibrant mineral grassy tones are a bliss on a summer (or any) barbecue day.

With the hope that you are now at least curious about these appetizing wines, we welcome you soon to one of our shops.


(Reproduced with permission from the website of Corks of Cotham, Bristol)

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Notes for editors

Many well-known, historic figures have sampled these famous wines and have immortalised Frankenwein in their own words. The famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had hundreds of litres delivered to his home in Weimar. It’s a little know fact that Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was celebrated with Frankenwein.

White wines in Franconia are usually bottled by grape variety and are mostly dry, such as the most common grape, Müller-Thurgau. This full-flavoured, fruity variety is an ideal aperitif when served well-chilled. Silvaner wines have a clearer, more elegant flavour with the distinct minerality of the shell-limestone terroir and often outclass the Rieslings currently imported to the UK. Wonderful dry or off-dry Scheurebe wines have a peachy aroma to accompany richer dishes.