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Best of Gold 2017

Our main supplier from Franconia, the Walter Erhard winery, has won the trophy for Best of Gold 2017.

Being ranked one of the top twelve wineries in Franconia has raised the game for Walter, pictured on the far right of the photo:

Source: Main Post, May 8, 2017

Obviously, the Riesling for which he received this trophy was sold out within hours. More importantly however, the Walter Erhard winery is now attracting much more international attention, in a region which itself is growing in stature and popularity.

Two well-known Anglo-Saxon writers are to report back from the steep slopes of Franconia following their visit in early July. Andrew Jefford, with his weekly Monday column in “Decanter” magazine and regular contributions to the “Fine Wine” magazine, has joined up with Mike Summerfield, author of “Geography of wine: regions, terroir & techniques”, to visit seven Franconian growers and sample their wines – including the exquisite offerings from Walter.

We are now eagerly waiting for their reflections, and hope for a further boost for Franconian wine in Britain!