Derived from the original flat leather bottles around since antiquity. They were used by people working in the fields to carry anything and everything from wine to water, even gunpowder.

The sack shaped bottles were a practical design – they didn’t roll away and even today they are handy to slip into your coat pocket!

In 2002 the European Community laid down rules to protect this bottle shape for Franconia & a few other limited regions.

Old Frankonian wine bottles - the Bocksbeutel“Due to their long established use, the pot bellied but flattened bottles evoke the particular Franconian origin in the minds of consumers.”

Silvaner Kabinett dry… clear fine herbal and slightly mineral citrus and stone fruit fragrance, with floral nuances. Polished, lusciously fine, not completely dry fruit, herbal tones, slightly earthy minerality in the background.
Wein-Plus Guide 2014