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Our dry white wines are produced from grape varieties largely unknown in the British Isles. The vines are tended with care and experience by individual producers who continue a long history of wine in a region east of Frankfurt am Main. Using the grapes from some of the most iconic Steillage vineyards in Franconia, wine makers go to great lengths to produce a world class wine. The best of these are bottled in the distinctive Bocksbeutel.

Volkacher Ratsherr vineyard

The most popular wines from the designated vineyard in Volkach

Silvaner dry

2016 Silvaner dry

flavours of pear and melon with animated acidity, ideal with light meals

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£14.00 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

Müller-Thurgau dry

2017 Müller-Thurgau dry

fresh & fruity variety with hints of apple & lime, fine acidity, ideal aperitive when served well chilled, delicious with light starters & salads

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£14.00 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

Silvaner Kabinett dry

2014 Silvaner Kabinett dry (silver medal)

clear, elegant flavour with the distinct minerality of the shell-limestone terroir, wonderful with delicate meals & light mediterranean dishes

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£15.90 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

Escherndorf am Lumpen vineyard *NEW!*

Steep slopes with soils creating wines of distinctive, concentrated fruitiness.

Müller-Thurgau Kabinett (silver medal)

2018 Müller-Thurgau Kabinett (silver medal)

fresh, easygoing wine from this fruity grape with spicy and delightfully clear-cut purity

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£14.00 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

Silvaner Kabinett dry

2018 Silvaner Kabinett dry (gold medal)

reduced to the essentials, shell limestone and Silvaner, intensely spicy and herbal, stone fruits and Silvaner juicyness build tension

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£16.20 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

2018 Morio-Muscat Kabinett dry

2018 Morio-Muskat Kabinett dry (gold medal)

expresses itself with a strong bouquet, showing fine notes of roses and a touch of elderberry flower, yet holds its own with strongly flavoured dishes

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£16.90 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

Escherndorfer Lump vineyard

Franconia’s most highly rated vineyard, with a very special micro-climate

Silvaner Spätlese dry

2012 Silvaner Spätlese dry (gold medal)

dense, complex & juicy Silvaner, reflecting the Franconian shell-limestone soils of this iconic, steep slope vineyard

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£18.50 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

Silvaner Spätlese dry

2017 Silvaner Spätlese dry (gold medal) *NEW!*

elegant and strong structure, voluminous and substantial, reminiscent of ripe apple and pear with long lasting flavours, pairs well with roasted vegetables and meat, green beans and steak

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£18.50 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

Scheurebe Spätlese dry

2015 Scheurebe Spätlese dry (gold medal)

pronounced bouquet, rich, slightly peachy aroma, ideal in company with intensive dishes, Franconia’s answer to Sauvignon blanc

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£18.50 (per bottle, direct from Macks*)

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Silvaner Kabinett dry… clear fine herbal and slightly mineral citrus and stone fruit fragrance, with floral nuances. Polished, lusciously fine, not completely dry fruit, herbal tones, slightly earthy minerality in the background.
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